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Smart home services can make enjoying your utilities and key appliances a simpler, more convenient process. But some homeowners are worried that too many smart devices will make the day-to-day management just as complicated as before. As a result, they’re hesitant to work with home automation companies. But you may be happy to hear that Knochelmann Service Experts is rolling out the revolutionary Smarter Home program. With this versatile service, it is possible to connect all home automation products into a single app.

With Smarter Home by Knochelmann Service Experts, the convenience of home automation companies meets the personal support of your trusted service repair technicians. We can help monitor all your home systems and offer the stress-free smart home installation, repair and maintenance services they need to perform their best. Everything can be controlled individually, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect smart home schedule. Let’s take a look at some of the systems Smarter Home can be used with as well as the service’s key benefits.

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Manage Room-to-Room Lighting from Anywhere

Smarter Home can control smart lights through your app for both automatic and manual adjustment. You can create custom schedules using your daily routine or allow the lights to adjust automatically based on sunrise and sunset. You can even connect the lighting system to your geographic location, ensuring all lights are off when you’re away from home.

Minimize Water Leaks with Real-Time Alerts

On its own, a water leak is an irritating plumbing problem. But imagine if you were on vacation and you returned to find an unnoticed leak causing extensive water damage. With the Smarter Home water kit, that won’t be a problem. You can monitor your home’s water usage through the app and receive safety notifications if a leak is detected. When the sensors notice a leak, they alert the smart water valve to automatically shut off your water supply.

You’ll receive three sensors in the kit that can be placed wherever you like. An additional sensor comes included with the Smart Water Meter so that a sudden increase in your water usage is accurately attributed to a hidden leak. And if you want to manually shut off the water valve, it’s as easy as using the app.

Water leak in a home
Person using a smart thermostat

Enjoy Clean, Comfortable Air with Smart HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling costs can make up nearly 50% of your energy bill. Smart home installation for HVAC products can have a big impact, letting you set up the most energy-efficient schedule for day-to-day climate control. You’ll appreciate a smart thermostat that can handle the scheduling for you, including when you’re away!

And that’s just the start, since home comfort is about more than mild temperatures. The Smarter Home Air kit also comes with sensors for humidity levels and carbon monoxide, giving you a truly comprehensive layer of protection. Sensors are even installed for important HVAC components, like the condensate pan, letting you react quickly and before the problem worsens.

Enforce Safety and Access Through Connected Monitoring

Want to unleash the full home automation capabilities of Smarter Home with Knochelmann Service Experts? Choose from a wide array of additional smart home services with products such as door and window alarms, cameras and much more. We’ll handle the smart home installation process, making sure everything works together seamlessly. You’ll be able to control all your home automation equipment through the app, thanks to our “Connected Monitoring” system.

This monitoring delivers automatic alerts when a safety or performance concern is detected. Knochelmann Service Experts is also alerted, giving you the chance to authorize repairs or schedule them for a future date. Technicians can be granted monitored access into the home, and the system will confirm everything is locked once they’re done! You can handle the entire process without worry while at the office or on the road.

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Enjoy True Home Automation with Smarter Home

With the power to manage all your smart home devices through a single app, managing the true functionality of home automation is fast and easy. And when something goes wrong, you have the Expert services of Knochelmann Service Experts to lean on for support. We’re proud to expand our top-quality support for home automation installation services and smart home products. To learn more about Smarter Home with Knochelmann Service Experts, get in touch at 859-905-0834 today or schedule online.

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